About our mission...

Dumbass Filmmakers is produced by Fatelink Productions, a young production company with a film collective ethos and roots in independent theater.  

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Dumbass Filmmakers! will appear on our Vimeo channel and our YouTube channel.  Check them out and become subscribers today!

You can also help us out by downloading our first season for $4.99 or the director's commentary version of the episodes on Vimeo.


1. "What's the Story?"
2. "Do Something"
3. "The Rise of Bobby Tulane"
4. "Amalia Makes Magic"
5. "Scott Stuck in the Middle"
6. "Destruction"
7. "Vicki's Power Play"
8. "The Fall of Bobby Tulane"
9. "Cappuccino Day"
10. "Kung Fu Connection"
11. "Bobby, Harrison, a Credit Card and a Sea Turtle"
12. "Known Quantities"